Pure LFS - latest work in progress

Jack Brown jbrown at kmts.ca
Tue Feb 4 00:13:20 PST 2003

forgot one more benifit of this method, the partition used for the final
system can be smaler using this method, just use nested directories until
the final stage (ie. /lfs/lfs/lfs is where the actual harddrive would be
mounted is using all 3 stages) nad in that way the only finles which ever
touch the drive are the final product (ie, no need to make room for
/static) and if you want it walso makes it very easy to make a minimal
final system by only installing things like bash, glibc and the
kernel,etc,etc in the final stage and omiting packages like gcc, without
substantially changing the instructions.

Jack Brown

P.S. perhaps there's some way to combine the different methods...
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