Patch for MAKEDEV Script

Michel Hermier michel.hermier at
Wed Feb 5 04:15:26 PST 2003

> Actually, it's been planned for a long time to get rid of the current

Ok I understand the motivation behind this talk, and I agree most of the 
comment of the bug report.

> The make_devices script I wrote is easier to understand, more flexible,
> easier to maintain and most of all more educational than MAKEDEV will ever
> be, so IMHO any time spent on improving MAKEDEV is wasted time.
> It's a real pity that all those big changes find their way into LFS but
> this small and harmless change is not. *sigh*

If the script that you wrote is so great, can you send it to me(or give me a 
link to it)? Just for my educational purpose :)
My main motivation to improve the script, is that MAKEDEV was and is still the 
solution choosen by the LFS Book, and the fact that the script doesn't follow 
completly the specification's given in the kernel.

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