libz fails to link to program

Michel Hermier michel.hermier at
Wed Feb 5 09:12:53 PST 2003

> First this is not related to lfs-dev, I replied mistakenly thinking it
> was on blfs-support. Also don't send me replies directly, post to the list.

Sorry, for duplicate mail., usually I remove the all but the list but here I 
made a mistake.

> The OP mentioned he had problems compiling libwmf. You interpretation
> was correct, it may have to do with the fact that he has two
> incompatible zlibs installed, one in /usr as per the LFS book and the
> other in /usr/X11R6 installed with Xfree86. The solution is to no use
> the XFree86 included freetype and zlib but instead link against the
> system installed ones.

Sorry twice, maybe it means that I have to rest a little.

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