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Wed Feb 5 11:35:08 PST 2003

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003 19:21:59 +0000 (UTC)
gerard at (Gerard Beekmans) wrote:

> On February 5, 2003 12:04 pm, Ian Molton wrote:
> > I am personally of the opinion (as someone else mentioned) that the
> > book should NOT be built in a seperate partition at all. There is NO
> > extra degree of seperation to be gained, so why bother?
> The idea is that you build an LFS system, then boot from it and
> hopefully make it your primarly Linux system eventually. To make
> things easiest you would want a dedicated partition. Might as well set
> it up right from the start.

well, unless you have a way of dynamically resizing the partitions on
your disc, the decision is already made for you long before you start on
the book.

I know I was put off starting for a long while because I thought a spare
partition was a requirement and didnt have the space to backup and

> > Well, bear in mind these comments come from a (very) newbie. Thats
> > why I
> Yes and teh book isn't geared towars Linux newbies.

I know.

> We assume
> experience compiling source and such things already. There's a hint
> being written that might be good reading material; listing the
> pre-reqs:
> That would be a good hint to add to the book.


> > But the BOOK also mentions that you should (as a matter of
> > doing-it-properly') delete installed sources. if the book says this,
> > it wouldnt hurt to be explicit about it.
> It doesn't contain that anymore. We decided a long time ago to remove
> a lot of that handholding for linux newbies material.

I know - I was there ;-) (and on the 'remove it' side).

> This issue was
> one of them. If you look at chapter 1 the "how to build package" and
> such don't exist anymore.

Ok, thats a solution.
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