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Nathan Ladd nathanladd at
Wed Feb 5 14:55:29 PST 2003

Ian Molton wrote:

> Another point my dad has raised (being new to linux).
> It is confusing to a relative newcomer that we unpack packages using tar
> -v.
> The reason is that whilst the package is unpacking into a subdirectory,
> it looks, to the untrained eye, as if the files are being 'listed', as
> thouh you were in the same folder as them.
> I recommend that the book encourage people not to use -v but instead to
> encourage people to do:
> tar jxf <package>
> ls
> which gives a newbie a better idea of what has happened (ie. a directory
> appeared in the $PWD, not a big stack of files.

tar -v may be confusing for a second, but once you ls, cd <new-directory>,
ls, and take a look at what happened, I would think that you would then be
accustomed to tar -v's behavior.

Nathan Ladd (ThanatosNL)
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