another newbie thing...

Chris Wesdorp jcwesdorp at
Wed Feb 5 15:03:35 PST 2003

Ian Molton wrote:
> Another point my dad has raised (being new to linux).
> <<cut>>
> I recommend that the book encourage people not to use -v but instead to
> encourage people to do:
> tar jxf <package>
Isn't the j option only working when patching tar? When installing tar 
in the book the package is patched. This can cause the j option not to 
be working on all systems, which may be even more confusing.

When a newbie is using LFS the use of the pipe symbol may be strange to, 
  but when the newbie is really interested in the system the go explore 
and find the things the look for.

What i'm saying is that the things that may seem strange or confusing do 
not have to be wrong. It just gives the user another view.


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