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Nathan Ladd nathanladd at
Wed Feb 5 15:37:36 PST 2003

Ian Molton wrote:

> On Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:55:29 -0600
> Nathan Ladd <nathanladd at> wrote:
>> tar -v may be confusing for a second, but once you ls, cd
>> <new-directory>, ls, and take a look at what happened, I would think
>> that you would then be accustomed to tar -v's behavior.
> exactly, but the point is that having seen the list of files, my dad
> thought 'ah! they must be right here' (after all, they look like the
> output of ls)
> by having the book encourage the use of tar without -v and then using
> ls, the user will learn more.

The tar without -v is unnecessary...if you ls before and after cd'ing into
the new directory, you will still learn the behavior.  A user should be
familiar with such commands before attempting lfs.

However, here's where I agree with you.  If this is a problem a lot of n00bs
have, then that *could* merit mentioning it in the book imho.  Every n00b
will have make a few individual mistakes, but if a lot make one specific
mistake, perhaps a word or two will prevent pointless questions on the mls
and irc.

*sigh* if only more newbies would read the first few sections.  Then I think
mentioning these common pitfalls would be more worth it.   As it stands,
people still report bugs about gcc's prefix in ./configure, still ask how
to make ls have colors, etc.

Nathan Ladd (ThanatosNL)
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