GCC 3.2.2

torsten torsten at inetw.net
Thu Feb 6 14:40:11 PST 2003

On Thu the 06 Feb 2003 at 15 hours EST
JB wrote...
>from freshmeat's summary:
>"Beginning with 3.2.2, GCC's Makefile suite supports redirection of
>make install by means of the DESTDIR variable"
>Jack Brown

I've been making good use of a epkg and DESTDIR lately, but I've had
trouble with the compiler.

Programs are linking to compiler libraries, and they won't run if I
remove it, or change compilers.

I read the two-compiler hint, and I don't really think it is a
reasonable way to manage a system.  Usually when I remove a piece,
I don't like the old libraries hanging around (system decays over time,
making it difficult to manage).

So, is there a way to separate the compiler from the system?  Or is
forever tied to glibc, ergo the system?

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