An idea: isolate libs [was: Pure LFS]

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Thu Feb 6 16:15:30 PST 2003

Jack Brown wrote:
>   As I mentioned before one thing I prefer about starting
> from static binaries and then just going ahead and making a second build
> of the dynamic toolchain (using the first dynamic toolchain) is that the
> instructions wind up being brutally simple

I have always subscribed to the "build everything twice" method as well,
but I am beginning to think that doing it this way you can skip the second
( wont be able to tell you definitively until I do a full comparison ).
This was another reason for trying it this way, we are effectively going to
build shared twice anyway, using the newly built tools as we go.

> , and don't in any way involve
> trying to link to libraries residing in non standard locations or doing
> anything to stop compilations from just accepting the location that they
> find related files in at face value.

This is where the ld and dynamic linker mods come in, the build
instructions ARE generally the same apart from --prefix, after the initial
toolchain build all the parts point at the new library location
Of course build order becomes important, you'll be wanting to run ldd over
everything you build...

Also as the binaries and libs are stamped with the location of the dynamic
linker you can safely run both the new tools and the build system tools
together during ch5, which offers you an advance check if the package you
are compiling is OK with your new c-libraries BEFORE you bother doing a

As an aside, the ch5 build could quite possibly be modified by the addition
of a kernel into a boot/build cdrom installation ( that I'll look at after
its fully nailed )

Full regression testing of the ch5 build with CVS packages shows everything
passes make check apart from

a) some tests in gcc, though these are problems with the test cases not
with the build
b) 2 tests in gawk, again these are looking more like test-case issues

I'll probably post the ch5 build script later today for those that want to
see for themselves... just ensure the coffee pot is brewing, you'll be
locked in for a fair few hours ;-)

Best Regards
Ryan Oliver

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