GCC 3.2.2

Tushar Teredesai tushar at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Feb 6 16:25:25 PST 2003

torsten wrote:

>libstdc++ is the problem.  Mozilla binary is compiled againt it
>obviously not the version with my compiler.  I just create a symlink,
>mozilla seems to be happy.
>This may be a "purity" issue - having binaries linked to old libraries
>not sit well with me.  I think this is what SCO does - sell ancient
>that people still need to run their ancient (but very useful/productive)
I don't know how you install the packages, but most of the errors I have 
seen related to symlink style package mangement is that people install 
the packages incorrectly. Most of the times they install the packages 
with the prefix of the physical location not where it is supposed to be 

For example consider gcc. In symlink style package management, the 
physical location for gcc will be something like /pkg/gcc/3.2.2/usr but 
the location where other packages should look for it is /usr. Most 
people install gcc with --prefix=/pkg/gcc/3.2.2/usr and then make 
symlinks in /usr. Now when compiling mozilla, gcc will link mozilla to 
libstdc++ in /pkg/gcc/3.2.2/usr/lib and not /usr/lib since gcc 'knows' 
that it was installed in /pkg... The correct way to install would be to 
pass --prefix=/usr during compile and then use either the DESTDIR 
approach if the pkg supports it or to copy the files over manually.

This link has more details on it 

BTW, if anyone posts a reply, post it to *lfs-support* or lfs-chat.

Tushar Teredesai

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