New Devices for MAKEDEV Script

Michel Hermier michel.hermier at
Fri Feb 7 02:24:50 PST 2003


On Thursday 06 February 2003 17:26, you wrote:
> Are there any plans to update the MAKEDEV script to include /dev/ataraid/*,
> /dev/input/* and /dev/usb/* devices? These are the ones I have to add
> manually everytime I go through the book again so I can get my USB mouse,
> USB printer and ATA RAID arrays to work. They seem to be standard devices,
> /dev/usb/* and /dev/input/* are even listed in the devices.txt file of the
> Linux kernel source.
> /dev/ataraid/* isn't listed in that file, but almost all distributions
> include it now. And the kernel can use those devices directly without any
> need for extra drivers. I'm using it right now for my Highpoint 374
> controller.
> Frank

I sent a patch a few weeks ago to solve the input core device. And the 
"maintainer" said me that the patch will be applied after the next book 
release. For the /dev/usb/* and /dev/ataraid/*, you can write the patch 
yourself and submit it.
I'm preparing a draft to submit changes in the MAKEDEV script, because I find 
it difficult to maintain(don't know where to put changes and additionnals).

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