An idea: isolate libs [was: Pure LFS]

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Sat Feb 8 04:23:46 PST 2003

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 09:52:51AM +0100, Jules Colding wrote:
> BTW, I had to move the pass 2 compilation of binutils (in the ld
> directory) to before the glibc build. Otherwise I ended up with a
> compile error in glibc because it tried to build memusagestat.c (it
> believed the libgd was available..).

Yeah? Haven't seen that one before. Sounds like it would be worth tracking
down tho'... I don't understand it at all..

But you sort of defeated the purpose of the build order by moving the
binutils pass 2 like you did..

malloc/Makefile says:-

# Unless we get a test for the availability of libgd which also works
# for cross-compiling we disable the memusagestat generation in this
# situation.
ifneq ($(cross-compiling),yes)
# If the gd library is available we build the `memusagestat' program.
ifneq ($(LIBGD),no)
install-bin = memusagestat memusage
generated += memusagestat memusage
extra-objs += memusagestat.o

# The check for libgd and its headers did not use $SYSINCLUDES.
# The directory specified by --with-headers usually contains only the basic
# kernel interface headers, not something like libgd.  So the simplest thing
# is to presume that the standard system headers will be ok for this file.
$(objpfx)memusagestat.o: sysincludes = # nothing

# Another goal which can be used to override the configure decision.
.PHONY: do-memusagestat
do-memusagestat: $(objpfx)memusagestat

memusagestat-modules = memusagestat
$(objpfx)memusagestat: $(memusagestat-modules:%=$(objpfx)%.o)
        $(LINK.o) -o $@ $^ $(libgd-LDFLAGS) -lgd -lpng -lz -lm

So you're right. It thinks you have libgd. Looking at the configury, I
suspect you have gd.h somewhere on your host system. We may have to allow
for this. Not sure yet.

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