Pure LFS - latest work in progress

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Sat Feb 8 04:42:25 PST 2003

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 06:23:45PM -0600, Nathan Ladd wrote:
> Like Bill, I have been building a system based on your hint.  After 
> finishing your build method without taking the mentioned shortcuts, I built 
> ncurses, then the rest of ch5, minus gcc and binutils (and getting rid of 
> the --disable-nls and static stuff).  I actually delayed building the 
> partition until Ch. 6.  I think it would be cool to change the creation of 
> the /stage1 directory from $LFS/stage1 to /stage1, and reverse the link.  
> This adds more flexibility as the $LFS directory doesn't need to exist 
> until after Ch. 5 is over.

Interesting idea. The main problem may be lack of space on the host. But
we'll certainly give it some thought..

> The hint mentions coming up with a more "clean" build order, but I couldn't 
> think of any reasons why a different build order would be more "clean," 
> since none of the binaries I built linked against anything from my host 
> system.

I'm with you on that one :) Ryan is working on the basis of package
dependencies a-la Ch 6. Personally, I don't think the remaining Ch 5 order
is super critical, but Ryan may yet prove us wrong..

> I'm now in Ch. 6 and everything is going fine, and I have the comfort of 
> knowing my system is more "pure" than it ever was.  I wonder, did you have 
> any thoughts in mind to extend this method onto Chapter 6?  I'm tarring up 
> my /stage1 directory and saving for later usage if you guys have made any 
> improvements there.

Yes, most defintely. Ch 6 is part of the whole deal. Just haven't written it
yet :) The idea is to get Ch 5 clean, then perform a final clean build of Ch
6. But there are a few twists to get it right.

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