really strange problem

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sat Feb 8 12:37:18 PST 2003

James Iwanek wrote:

>256MBram and 2GB swap - bout 32mb ram free and only 20MB swap used - im
>inclined to believe the 2GB swap problem is still in 2.4.20 - either that
>or ive got faulty modules, dunno but its all working now so nevermind -
>nice to know im not the only person with this problem tho - gonna try to
>remake glibc just to see if it was a memory error

I've got 512MB RAM and the swap basicly stays empty, even compiling the 
largest packages.  I believe there is a switch that has to be set when 
compiling the kernel to exceed 2GB.  With over 2GB virtual memory, I 
don't know if thi comes into play or not.  Try reducing you swap size to 

  -- Bruce

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