Revised LFS-4.1 release notes

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Mon Feb 10 12:02:55 PST 2003

Hi guys,

Just got off the phone with my boss at and finished discussing 
what needs to be done. There are two things that need to be added to the book 
before it can be sent to the printers.

First thing is an index at the end of the book. A tech book without an index 
is kind of 'weird' so to speak and I've been asked to add one. So I'll have 
to figure out how to do this. No way we should maintain an index manually. 
I'm not sure how to go about this in an XML format, but I am fairly certain 
there are good tools to do this in LaTeX.

What does this mean? I don't know yet, but it might mean I will have to 
convert XML to latex, render an index, then create a PDF out of it. I'll do 
some research and we'll find out soon enough. Anybody who wants to help? 
Please go ahead ;)

Number two, CheapBytes has totally modified Redhat 8.0 and released it as 
"Pink Tie". I will be receiving the notes from the person who was in charge 
of that detailing how it was done and that'll be added to the book as well. 
Not sure if it'll be added to the online version, but definitely to the 
printed version.  It will be presented as an Appendix as a "case study" how 
an existing distribution was modified to suite a need. This as opposed to 
creating a distribution from scratch ala plain LFS.

Time frame? I've allocated 40 work hours to do this so we're probably looking 
at early next week.

But the book will probably not be released online at that point either. It 
wouldn't be a wise idea to release the 4.1 book online and then have to wait 
6 weeks before the book can be printed. It'll be too old by then. It would 
make more sense waiting a little while before releasing it online at which 
point a note can be added that orders for a printed book can be taken which 
will be shipped 3 weeks after that.

It's not a great situation. LFS moves too fast. Linux software updates too 
quick. And getting a book published does take a few weeks. But if we release 
the book online too quick, the sales of the printed version might not be as 
high as it could have been. The success of the sales of this book determine 
future printed releases. It would therefore be advisable to wait with 
releasing it online.

Anyways, I'll get back to you guys with exact dates as soon as I learn them. 
If nothing else we all get to take a short break :)

But first things first: get that index created somehow. Like I wrote above, if 
I can't get it automated through XML I might have to go the LaTeX way and 
generate HTMl, PS and PDF from the LaTeX document instead of the XML one.

Gerard Beekmans

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