Revised LFS-4.1 release notes

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Mon Feb 10 13:57:45 PST 2003

"Gerard Beekmans" <gerard at> wrote in message
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> On February 10, 2003 01:24 pm, Matthew Burgess wrote:
> > If it's still in docbook then there's the <indexterm> element you
> > wrap around any items you want put into the index.  Yes it's manual,
> > it'd probably give much better control as to what gets placed in the
> > index in comparison to an automated tool.  See
> > for
> > if this applies.
> Looked into <indexterm> tags and can't even get it to work after a
first look.
> I did look at the examples, added some <indexterm> tags here and
there, added
> the <index/> tag which is supposed to then build the actual index, but
> it won't.

Sorry, no first hand knowledge of those tags myself just found them in
the docbook reference list.  Did you use the nested <primary> and/or
<secondary> tags as well?

> htmldoc is quickly becoming a tool that I can't use for professional
> generation. I'm looking at other software now, but I have had first
> experience with converting latex files to PDF and that output looks
> (like I've posted to the list quite a while ago). Maybe I should look
> docbook2latex conversion and go from tehre.

There are numerous processing possibilites for XML -> PDF.  The one I
currently use (with a fair bit of success) is FOP
(  Unfortunately for me it doesn't support
XInclude processing yet, but there's a way around that (and it's of no
relevance to LFS yet).  My current toolchain is docbook xml (4.2) +
docbook-xsl (1.60.1) -> xsltproc (1.0.25) -> FOP (0.20.5rc).  The nice
thing about this is that the xsltproc stage will produce an XML FO
(Formatting Objects) file which can then be rendered by any FO Processor
into a number of different formats (text, html, etc.).  Not sure if any
of this is useful for LFS, but it produces more than adequate results
for me (and my final year uni project).  If you don't want to go the FOP
(i.e. Java) route I believe passivetex can be used in it's place.



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