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James Spinks jspinks at
Mon Feb 10 13:58:15 PST 2003

jsmaby at wrote:
>>Just a thought, but in the proposed 'physical' lfs book, could we list
>>the first couple hundred lfs users or something?
> Probably not fair to the people that weren't quick enough to register.
> Plus, then there comes the question of if it should be chronological
> order, lfs id, people who regular #lfs and the mailing lists, etc.
> Better just to list the editors, and lump everyone else under "The
> LFS Community".
> -James Smaby (aka, jsmaby, lfs id #15 (so maybe just list the first 25 :P ))

Yep, your right... lfs id is too fraught with problems, #lfs is problematic 
as not all can use irc, mailing lists is ok...   your choice of 25 is a 
better number, so how about the first 25 numerically registered lfs users 
who have lfs version 1.0 listed as their first version...  sweet, I'm back 
in the list again...   ;-)

Seriously though, my almost rampant use of smilies in this thread, leads me 
to own up and suggest that the whole idea is a risky venture...  if Gerard 
wants to thank people he lists then (editors are a good suggestion), if he 
doesn't then he doesn't list them.  Setting a bar or criteria of any kind 
will only serve to annoy/upset the many who just miss out.

James Spinks

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