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Mon Feb 10 14:00:34 PST 2003

Matthew Burgess wrote:
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>>> Why is it no longer required?  I thought it was to fix a gcc-3.2+
>>> compilation problem.  There's been no official release of Vim since
>>> (although they do have a patch available on the ftp server - one of
>>> 320 I don't fancy finding the exact reference now).  Does
>>> gcc-3.2.1/gcc-3.2.2 somehow manage to cope with Vims' broken syntax?
>> well if you had actually LOOKED at the patch you would realize that
>> it doesn't fix syntax at all, it just removes some configure magic
>> dealing with /usr/local/include. gcc 3.2 made a huge mess of this
>> and usually barfed, but as the release notes for 3.2.1 (and
>> therefore 3.2.2) state, this is no longer the case. and hell, if you
>> don't believe any of this, just try compiling vim without the patch
>> and with it, then diff the binaries ;)
> Sorry, but as I stated in my original response *I thought* (i.e. there
> was an element of doubt) that it was a syntax error.  Thanks for
> correcting me.  The only reason that I asked was that the patch was
> originally required to fix a problem that arose when using gcc-3.2,
> so I assumed (oh dear) that it was non-compliant code on Vims part.
> I'll not be as lazy next time - honest! :)

Actually it was when gcc-3.0 was released IIRC.  They fixed the problem
with the includes search path somewhere between 3.1 and 3.2.  I vaguely
remember reading about it on the gcc ML prior to 3.2.


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