Revised LFS-4.1 release notes

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Mon Feb 10 14:34:09 PST 2003

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> On February 10, 2003 01:18 pm, Bill's LFS Login wrote:
> > Ptx - a venerable tool that is underused. It's not fancy, but it's
> > output should be easily integrated since it comes from the daus of
> > rof/nroff/troff
> Any idea how to run this on XML files, create proper references and stuff?

No idea. It is text oriented so would be a step in your path towards
pdf. I haven't had reason to use it since... 198x. But thought it might
be of some use because if the ability to include/exclude words and
generate text that wraps around the keyword. Most likely would have
use if you end up having to do the -->text-->pdf thing.

Hmmm. What about getting your employer to spring for the Adobe Post-
script publishing software? Maybe it does everything you need?

> I'll try it out though but it seems to require a lot of additional work.

I suspect that initial setup would be laborious, but then maintenance
as changes are made to the document should be almost no work. But it
may be completely inappropriate working with [XH]M* since there are so
many tools for those things.

Bill Maltby
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