tempfile package

Zack Winkles winkie093 at bellsouth.net
Mon Feb 10 14:52:06 PST 2003

Matthew Burges" <ca9mbu at eos.sunderland.ac.uk> wrote:
> Why do we need to maintain mktemp?  The last version was only released
> in November 2001 which is by no means old compared to some packages in
> LFS.  I know there were a couple of posts a while ago saying it was
> calling the wrong (i.e. insecure) version of a particular function,
> but this is resolved by passing --with-libc to ./configure IIRC.  Just
> thought I'd save someone the effort.  Maybe someone more knowledgable
> is aware of particular bugs, or distro-specific patches that should be
> applied.  However, looking at http://www.mktemp.org/bugs there's
> plenty of activity going on for the sudo project so we know the
> author's still alive and kicking.  Maybe those patches (if any) should
> be mailed to him so as we can ascertain the current level of
> maintenance?

as far as i know there are three reasons for maintaining our own.
1) the debian version that we are using in this tarball is (supposedly)
better somehow than the mktemp found at mktemp.org. not sure how, but
hey, i'm not complaining.
2) it makes what would be two packages (tempfile and mktemp) into a
single package that may be expanded later to included little tidbits
that are too small for their own package.
3) gerard said so.
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