Revised LFS-4.1 release notes

jsmaby at jsmaby at
Mon Feb 10 19:55:00 PST 2003

> Well something is obviously wrong on my system, I just can't find the problem 
> Whenever I try to run pdfjadetex to create the pdf file, I get the error:
>         Font ptmr8r not found in map files

The .tfm file you found is a font metric file.  It tells TeX the dimensions of
each character, but not their shapes.  I'm guessing dvips wants a virtual
font (.vf) so it can do its magic; might need the actual font as well, but
that might be fairly standard, and provided by the pdf renderer.

Note that in order for TeX to notice files that you just added, you'll
probably have to run "mktexlsr" after installing them.  That creates
a listing that the TeX programs look through of the files installed in
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