Pure LFS - latest work in progress

Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au
Mon Feb 10 20:49:49 PST 2003

Rui Ferreira wrote:
> Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au wrote:
> > Avoid any possible glibc issues during a glibc migration.
> What should I look for?

Depends what you are migrating from and to...

Presently all testing is from a glibc-2.2.5 system with gcc-2.95.3

>From 2.2.5 to 2.3.1 we had the nss issues...

With this build we're trying to divorce ourselves from the host system as
much as humanly possible, there is always the possibility of mass breakage
migrating glibc versions... especially major releases.

Don't know how many of you guys remember the hell that you had to go
through migrating from libc5 to 6... something I never want to repeat again

This way we pretty much future-proof the build...


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