Host distro for Building LFS

Billy O'Connor billyoc at
Tue Feb 11 23:05:11 PST 2003

bdubbs at (Bruce Dubbs) writes:

> I was just reviewing the current CVS version of LFS and note that
> there are no recommendations for the host distro for building LFS.  I
> can say from watching a student that we don't want to try building an
> LFS system form RH 6.2! I'd suggest putting a comment in the
> Introduction, probably the section "How things are going to be done"
> about what distros are suitable.  If you don't want to talk about
> specific distros, then at least a minimum environment (gcc, glibc,
> binutils, etc) needs to be specified.
> I think that has been discussed before, but I can't remember the
> discussion's conclusion.  In any case, I feel that the book should
> discourage new LFS builders from using obsolete tools for chapter 5.
> You also might want to mention the type of hardware that the book
> targets.  Although non-Intel LFS systems have been built, it would be
> beneficial to mention that the instructions do specifically target
> Intel compatible hardware.
> BTW, what is the least powerful LFS system?  I know someone did it in
> a P-133, but is that the least powerful sytem that's been done?

We've got a gaggle of P-90's in #LFS.  Patient little devils.

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