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Wed Feb 12 01:12:21 PST 2003

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From: "Bruce Dubbs" <bdubbs at>
> BTW, what is the least powerful LFS system?  I know someone did it in
> P-133, but is that the least powerful sytem that's been done?

I did LFS 4.0 on a few P90 with 8MB RAM, which took over a week to
And I did LFS 4.0 on a 486DX2 4MB RAM 66Mhz; which took about 2,5 weeks.
I ran the LFS-build with some cut'n'paste scripts from the book. I'm
planning to do it as well on a 286, but that'll be halfway march
sometime. I've got a lot of old stuff like 500Mb harddisks and 486
processors lying around here, gota use them right?

Regards, Kris

BTW. It was a horrible time to sleep with those ugly monsters compilin'
all night!

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