Building GCC

Zack Winkles winkie093 at
Wed Feb 12 13:13:07 PST 2003

Ulrich Fahrenberg <uli at> wrote:
> This should really be on the support list, but:
> Unsetting a variable is not the same as setting it to the empty
> string. An unset variable _does not exist_, a variable set to "" _does
> exist_. I.e. if you set CFLAGS="", and some script tests if CFLAGS is
> set, it will see that CFLAGS is, well, /set/. If you unset CFLAGS, the
> script will see that CFLAGS is /not/ set.

wrong. most configure scripts do an 'if [ ! -z "$CFLAGS" ]; then ...' to
check for anything in CFLAGS. both an unset and a set to "" CFLAGS pass
this test, therefore the package still does its own thing. i'm sure
there are instances where this is not true, though i have yet to find
any in my ventures.
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