More on Pure LFS

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Wed Feb 12 19:21:27 PST 2003


Not many changes here. Ryan and myself are still testing like mad to come up
with the best outcomes for Ch 6. Almost there..

Some good news. It looks like we won't need the "mount --bind" stuff after
all. Glibc in Ch 6 seems to be perfectly happy with an already existing
glibc in /stage1. A single symlink in Ch 5 will do the business. No messy
symlink hacks for 2.2 kernels now :-)

The biggest drama we've had lately is working out how to integrate some
form of perl into the equation. We really need perl to facilitate glibc's
"make check" (amongst other things). The perl build system is an ABSOLUTE
MOTHER to massage so that it copes with our initial bootstrap environment
with glibc in a non-standard location. We've managed to come up with a
"Minimalist Perl" which essentailly involves using "miniperl" from the perl
build. More on that later.. once I get it into the hint.

The hint is online at:-

You can also look at Ryan's build scripts at:-

The hint isn't quite in sync with Ryan's scripts as he's been busy
integrating "make check" stuff..

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