More on Pure LFS

Jules Bjørn Colding JuBColding at
Thu Feb 13 02:40:27 PST 2003

> There are problems with doing it in Ch 5. It tries to link in all manner of
> crap and just doesn't get the message that our preferred glibc is in
> /stage1. You'll see how we're now doing it in the next hint update..

On a related note.. I have now compiled lots of stuff from ch 6. That's
fine, but the downside is that it all thinks that it needs
/stage1/lib/ to run :-( 

I think the reason is that my chroot PATH is
"PATH=/stage1/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin". Putting /stage1/bin at
the end should get my new gcc to be the preferred compiler.


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