Going to have to convert XML to LaTeX

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Sat Feb 15 09:46:06 PST 2003

"Matthias Benkmann" <matthias at winterdrache.de> wrote in message
news:20030215171303.44631951.matthias at winterdrache.de...
> You can do a lot of other things with XML that you can't do (well)
> with (La)TeX. For instance you can get nice HTML (I have yet to see
> that from LaTeX->HTML conversion) or you could extract all the LFS
> commands or just the package contents. Or maybe you want an HTML file
> that has just a table with packages and their SBUs. All of this is no
> problem with XSLT but difficult with (La)TeX.

Hmmm, sounds good for HTML output, but I guess Gerard's problem is PDF
output ATM. Will a specialized stylesheet overcome the problems he's
having with page layout? It seems we have a quandry here as TeX leans
more towards printed output and XML leans towards HTML output, yet we
need both hopefully without 2 versions of the book. :\

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