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Sat Feb 15 17:01:05 PST 2003

On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, Greg Schafer wrote:

> LFS'ers
> It's not quite finished yet but there is enough here for anyone to utilise
> <snip>

> Greg
> http://www.zipworld.com.au/~gschafer/pure_lfs.txt

In your recent pure-lfs, 'Last Modified: Sat Feb 15 03:43:25 UTC 2003',
'Chapter 6 - Kernel' compilation should be Chapter 8?

Other than that, I know *nothing*. But I have been running some build
scripts, buildch5-8-3.sh from Ryan (1 fail, 1 successful) and now a
modified one incorporating the changes listed in the above doc of yours
and some local "adjustments".

Chapter 5 goes pretty good except for the following three items.
== Item 1 ======================================================
### Glibc  - initial - Sat Feb 15 12:18:46 EST 2003 ###
 o Configure OK
 o Build OK
XXXXXX glibc make check NOT OK - CHECK LOGS (glibc-init.log) XXXXXX
-Installing Glibc
 o install OK

Which is a math (double) failure. I modified the script to keep running,
based on some memory of posts that said those types were not critical,
IIRC. Probably because I'm running versions of something out-of-sync
with your testing. At least I hope that's all it is. I know this will need
to be resolved later.

== Item 2 ======================================================
### Make initial - (shared) - Sat Feb 15 17:22:41 EST 2003 ###
 o Configure OK
 o Build OK
 o Test OK
chgrp: changing group of `/stage1/bin/make': Operation not permitted

Since I am not running as root, I'm not surprised. I'll look into this
later and try and get some detail/fix.

== Item 3 ======================================================
### Gettext initial - (shared) - Sat Feb 15 17:31:32 EST 2003 ###
 o Configure OK
 o Build OK
XXXXXX NOT OK - CHECK LOGS (gettext-init.log) XXXXXX

Haven't checked this one yet. Going to let that ol' 6x86-II PR-300
(233.862 MHz) keep rolling until end of chapter 5 and then check it.

== End of Items ================================================

The Chapter 5 script includes Ryan's mods for zlib, bison, flex etc.
I had to guess at the sequencing of these items as the LFS book leaves
some doubt when matched to your doc's list. It's almost done, in bison
(the last thing before Ch 6, IIRC).

I have saved copies of all logs and dirs if y'all want them for
anything. I am intentionally running with things blended with the latest
LFS CVS book stuff. Glibc 2.2.5, gcc 3.2.1. Plus LFS CVS 20021006
upgraded to CVS 20021025 and some Blfs stuff. More detail available if
there is need/interest.

Currently setting up to try a chapter 6. Given the above, any concerns
about that? I am going to try everything, including kernel, with the
gcc/glibc/binutils et al installed in the Ch 5/6 Pure-lfs hint and
Ryan's scripts even though the gcc 2.95.3 is recommended. This is only
to see what will happen, can I boot/run with it. I'm hoping that it will
deliver all of us some benefits later.

Chapter 5 just finished. Dinner now and tomorrow I'll track stuff down.

Bill Maltby
lfsbill at wlmcs.com

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