Pure LFS Hint - good to go

Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au
Sun Feb 16 15:42:20 PST 2003

Greetings Again,

>From previous post
> > >  o ALL OK
> > > chgrp: changing group of `/stage1/bin/make': Operation not permitted
> >
> > That is a bug in current LFS CVS. The chgrp thing is no longer req'd
> > latest make. Additionally, Ryan seems to have used the Ch 6
> > Ch 5 in his script. I wouldn't have done it that way :-/
> Cut'n'pasto ;-) Works for me :-) will stare at it again some more ;-)

Didn't do too much staring ;-) Only difference bn script and hint is the
installation of locales...

People may want this for nls ;-)

If we're ditching this may as well ditch gettext ch5 as well and use
--disable-nls for all packages, not a great concern for me as an english
speaker, but we really should try to cater for everyone...

Anyhoo, back to the grind

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