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Arjan Oosting ajoostin at
Sun Feb 16 16:02:43 PST 2003

Greg Schafer wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 16, 2003 at 10:49:10PM +0100, Arjan Oosting wrote:
>>>>>binutils fails  in one ld-bootstrap test:
>>>>>      FAIL: bootstrap with --static
>>Still fails, see previous post for details. Does somebody know what's 
>>going wrong?
> I just compiled with "-all-static" here and eveything passed. Your previous
> post seemed to indicated some sort of problem with nls. Try with
> -disable-nls then without.
Well the chapter 5 version run's "make check" succesfully, it's the 
chapter 6 version (the shared version) that fails "make check". If i add 
   --disable-nls to the configure line, "make check" runs succesfully. 
The problem seems to be that, when the "ld bootstrap with --static" test 
is run, a static version of ld is built with-nls enabled. Then libc.a is 
included which defines symbols already supplied by the different object 
files of ld. These nls symbols conflict, due to different size etc. 
(Which possible is caused by different version of intl sources in glibc 
and binutils).
I think this a non-issue for me and LFS because the shared version of ld 
works fine ( doesn't define the nls symbols), and the static 
version in chapter 5 has got nls disabled, so i will ignore this error 
for know. But thanx for your valuable input, Greg!

	Greetings Arjan

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