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Arjan Oosting ajoostin at
Sun Feb 16 18:03:14 PST 2003

Ryan.Oliver at wrote:
> Arjan Oosting wrote:
>>version run's "make check" succesfully, it's the
>>chapter 6 version (the shared version) that fails "make check". If i add
>>   --disable-nls to the configure line, "make check" runs succesfully.
> Hmmm, I never see this, but I install the locales during ch5 glibc...
> If you dont you may as well put --disable-nls in everything :-)
I think you misunderstood me...

 From chapter 5 binutils install:
../binutils-2.13.2/configure --prefix=$LFS/static --disable-nls
The meaning of the (new) configure switches are:
     --disable-nls: This option disables internationalization (also 
known as i18n). We don't need this for our static programs and nls often 
causes problems when you're linking statically.

Continue with compiling the package:
make LDFLAGS="-all-static"

 From chapter 6 binutils install:
../binutils-2.13.2/configure --prefix=/usr --enable-shared

Continue with compiling the package:
make tooldir=/usr

So ld is compiled shared in chapter 6 en then nls works, but make check 
tries to compile a static version of ld with nls enabled, this doesn't 
work. In chapter 5 you compile a static version of ld with nls disabled, 
  so this version also works. Summerizing: The installed version of ld 
ALL  WORK, but make check in chapter 6 fails because it's trying to 
compile a shared version of ld with nls enabled.
By the way: where in chapter 5 do u install glibc???

Greetings Arjan

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