Pure LFS - e2fs trouble

Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au
Mon Feb 17 15:04:12 PST 2003

> So, something from my build machine has sneaked over into my "pure" lfs
> build.
> I know that this probably has something to do with my build and will
> continue to look into this. I am wide open for suggestions though..

Hmmm did you set the target system type when you built glibc/gcc and
You'll need to do this to ensure that your c libraries, compiler assembler
et al build for your target system not your host system ( during configure
it will set it to whatever you are building on unless you specify
otherwise... )

Note that building for i486 will effectively be a full cross compile, and
you will have issues with some packages (such as bash) due to some
configure tests being unable to run...

The other thing that could be done is to specify the maximum processor
level to glibc configure, though this option has caused some issues in the

Ooops greg already got a post in...

hmmmm, yeah, do what he says ;-)


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