Problems with Pure LFS

Christian Schmitt chrissschmitt at
Mon Feb 17 15:54:39 PST 2003

Greg Schafer wrote:

> No. You should never have to run aclocal and co. If you find that you have
> to, then it is usually some sort of file timestamp problem which then causes
> havoc in the Makefile by forcing targets to be remade which normally do not
> need remaking.
> This is nothing to do with pure LFS. It is a gerneric problem. lfs-support
> comes up with this sort of problem quite often.
> You need to figure out what's up with the timestamps.
> Greg


i solved the problem. The package was broken somehow. I downloaded it a 
second time and it worked.

BTW: Does anybody know the (planned) release date of XF 4.3?

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