Potential Speedup - gcc-3.2.x compiling large c++ projects

Matthew Burgess ca9mbu at eos.sunderland.ac.uk
Fri Feb 21 05:00:41 PST 2003

"Greg Schafer" <gschafer at zip.com.au> wrote in message
news:20030221060623.GB25114 at tigers-lfs.nsw.bigpond.net.au...
> The gcc thread talked about "C++ templatized code" or something.
> I don't grok c++ much so I don't really know which code is templatized
> which is not, but it seems like QT probably is.

Templatized classes are probably the most powerful feature of C++ and is
how the STL (Standard Template Library - roughly speaking C++'s
equivalent of glibc) is implemented.  It allows you to do stuff like:

#include <vector>

std::vector myVector<int>; //a vector holding integer values
std::vector anotherVector<std::string>; //a vector of String objects.

The Vector class in this case is a templatized class which allows for
such constructions to be permissible.  I'd imagine with the size of the
QT codebase that at least some of it would rely on such features.

Hope this helps clarify things,


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