Coreutils - incident of note

John Nielsen knoglen at
Fri Feb 21 09:55:24 PST 2003

On Friday 21 February 2003 18:44, you wrote:
> On February 21, 2003 12:49 am, Richard A Downing wrote:
> >   checking for working C stack overflow detection...
> Try running it again and try to run the "top" program in a different
> terminal. Maybe the slowdown comes from a very high load average caused by
> the configure script, or maybe it's using up  tons of RAM while doing that
> test.

It eats tons of ram on my box until there is no more swap left. Then the 
process is killed by the kernel. I have 256 mb of physical memory and just as 
much swap, so i would definetely qualify this as a bug :-)

John Nielsen
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