Coreutils - incident of note

Richard A Downing richard.downing at
Fri Feb 21 13:09:19 PST 2003

John Nielsen wrote:

> On Friday 21 February 2003 08:49, you wrote:
>> When I compile (Ch5 and Ch6) coreutils, instead of sh-utils, textutils
>> and
>> fileutils, everything is fine, AFAICT.  But at one point in the configure
>> it outputs:
>>   checking for working C stack overflow detection...
>> and the whole machine stops for tea!  My 600Mhz PIII seemed almost locked
>> up for 3 minutes - even the mouse cursor - then it carried on.  Something
>> fairly hairy must be happening at a very low level.
>> Not something to worry about, just to be aware.  It might warrant a
>> warning
>> if coreutils makes it into the book.  Frighened the pants off me!
> Yep... i get this too... It only happens on my mandrake-9.0 though. My LFS
> is not affected... It seems to be an issue with mandrake itself in my
> case. Which host distro are you using?
> John Nielsen
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OK, My incident occured while building Pure LFS on the current CVS freeze,
except that I am using gcc 3.2.2 and HJ's binutils (see my other recent
posts here on this configuration).  It occurs both in Chapter 5 when there
is little of the new build other than binutils, gcc and glibc, plus my
build system which is also a non-standard LFS V4
Maybe this is HJ binutils related, or glibc-2.3.1?  I don't have time to
investigate further right now.
I will say, however, that the resulting core utilities are fine - no
problems have surfaced today and I've been building some extras on top.  So
apart from being  afright and a good memory test it seems to be benign.


Richard A Downing FBCS
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