Could you stop the AC bashing, please!

Rob Park rbpark-NOSPAM at
Sun Feb 23 05:07:27 PST 2003

Alas! Greg Schafer spake thus:
> Ok, you've had your say. Now can you go away, take a cold shower, a few deep
> breaths, then come back when you've something constructive to say?

Uh, what?

Greg, this isn't like you. Not as far as I know, anyway.

At any rate, I don't think it was called for. In fact, I think that kind
of mail is the entire thing that MSB is trying to stop -- why are you
acting this way? It certainly does not earn the LFS book any extra
respect from the rest of the linux community.

I think that we should just make the book as good as we can make it,
lkml be damned. If the system works, the system works.

Rob Park
"Nuclear war can ruin your whole compile."
-- Karl Lehenbauer
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