Could you stop the AC bashing, please!

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Sun Feb 23 18:28:41 PST 2003

All I can say is...
a) What is with this angst people. Are we not all working together.

b) personal attacks don't have any place in a project such as this, if it
aint constructive blow off your steam with Unreal 2k or something. Shit
like this causes people to just walk away from projects like this losing us
valuable people resources...

BTW for those laying into MSB, don't forget that this was based on his
build orders, so what if the toolchain wasn't great. everyone contributes
their bit, lets not dissuade people from helping out by flaming them...

c) everyone is entitled to an opinion, and everyone should have thicker
skins. dont perpetuate the bullshit when it starts.

As for the naming of pure LFS, it is just a name and is shorter than
"Building a clean LFS from a pure toolchain and c-libraries"

As far as I am concerned it could be called Thingummybob, the result is the
same, a clean build, which is all we really care about anyway.

Sorry for the tone fellas, but I have been involved in projects which have
forked/fallen apart or just self combusted over crap like this...

Just my $0.02

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