Could you stop the AC bashing, please

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Mon Feb 24 07:17:07 PST 2003

Ian Molton <spyro at> wrote in 
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> And redhat users NEVER tweak their systemsm oh no...

Most of them don't no.  Thats why they have auto-update software *grin*  
And they also *pay* for support from RedHat.

> AC was making a silly argument and he knows it.

The arguement itself is valid.  It goes like this.

"I hack software, and provide free support for it.  I don't have time to 
eat/sleep/hack/learn welsh/etc as well as track down bugs no-one else 
sees, especially if the system your reporting the bugs from uses leading 
edge tools from different sources and quality that don't have known bug 
fixes applied.  If you want *me* to fix them, you can email me for my 
hourly support rates.  Barring that, try a known platform before 
reporting these bugs, as we simply can't reporduce them, so we can't fix 

> Hes a decent hacker, but a lousy PR guy.

Alan's terse comments are somewhat infamous.  Like most smart people, he 
"does not tolerate fools gladly".  Alan's definition of fool is a little 
broad at times, and he lacks patience to deal with them.  That's what 
Level 1 helpdesk are for, to ask the inane questions

"What version of software are you using?"
"Have you made any changes recently?"
"Can you reproduce the problem with another version?"
"Does it still happen if you reboot?" (Mandatory Windows joke)

Any organisation that provides support services has helpdesks, simply 
because the developers/engineers time is too valuable to "waste" dealing 
with problems that result from difficult/impossible to reproduce errors, 
or users doing things that are not supported.  When the support is free, 
the developers time is correspondingly *more* valuable, so the threshold 
is that much higher...

All the above taken into consideration, the response was certainly less 
"user-friendly" than it could have been...*grin*

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