Could you stop the AC bashing, please!

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Mon Feb 24 09:11:10 PST 2003

This is another example of the devolution of the english language. By allowing people to attach their own conotations to words we strip them of their original meaning. If we restrict the use of the words to only those cases where the conotation applies, we loose that word as a tool for accurate communication. 

I sugest that we encourage the use of the word "pure" outside the context of intolerance, hate, racism and discrimination so that we can reclaim it for its original general use as a communication tool. We should not allow "aryans" and scientologists to steal our language from us.

David Lautenschlager

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The word "pure" is often used in a context of intolerance, hate, racism
and discrimination, e.g. "pure Aryan". It also strongly reminds me of the
Scientology word "Clear".


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