Could you stop the AC bashing, please

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Mon Feb 24 16:27:32 PST 2003

Okay, I am not entering into anything on here, but here is my $0.02 if its
worth anything

The one thing to remember is we ain't doing this to win the love of lkml AC
or anyone else, we are doing it for a clean build, pure and simple.
>From a clean build it'll be less likely we get unrepeatable weird errors to

If people stray from the build method, they are on their own, and should
NOT state that they are running an LFS build if posting to lists...

That includes ALL OF US running on pure LFS at the moment.

Ideally they would post to our list first so we can get confirmation and
repeat the error.

> Removing all optimization hints, banning all hints that include
> non-default optimizations and censoring all mails that reference
> optimizations of any kind would be orders of magnitude more effective
> "pure LFS" in convincing AC that LFSers are using good tools and that
> their bug reports can be trusted.

As for optimisations et all, I can safely say after doing nightly
regression testing of the build method over the past two to three months
that the current tweaks ( apart from the ch6 make -j 2, which needs to be
dropped ) all work as advertised with no issues.

These would never have been posted in the first place if it hadn't been

This has been so thoroughly tested I'd be surprised if I havent worn
grooves in my HD's. Any small changes, even 1 flag to configure, has
resulted in a full rebuild with test again. Check out the ch5 script, its
more an instrumented test harness than build script.

As for convincing others our tools are good, I don't care, I have proved it
to myself, I suggest others do to. The quality and repeatability of future
bug reports will have more to do with justifying our build than anything we
publish here.

As for the argument over naming etc, that is so irrelevant to me I don't
know what to say, how about a poll? Suggestions anyone? Does it really


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