Pure LFS - using HJ's Binutils-

DJ Lucas dj_me at swbell.net
Tue Feb 25 00:07:46 PST 2003

Richard A Downing wrote:
> In chapter 6, Binutils- fails to build because lex and
> yacc/bison are not available.  Strangely the 'devolved' configure in
> binutils-build/binutils shows a fail in config.log, but this doesn't
> stop the build.  The build fails because the Makefile variables $YACC
> and $LEX are unset - they are passed to a script
> binutils- which then fails 'cos it can't find
> program ""!  Someone forgot an assertion, methinks.
> So I guess this means build m4, bison, and flex in chapter 5.  Unless
> someone knows how to make HJ's binutils build without them.
> I have just built the three packages in chapter 6 before binutils.
> This works, but will they need rebuilding after binutils/gcc?  I
> think not, my toolchain in ppuurree.

That's doing good.  I couldn't get them to build in chapter 5...not sure
as to why...I didn't look into it too far.  removing -all-static from
the ldflags made it compile dynamic (expected).  With it, configure in
each of the dirs faild the gcc test.  (c compiler can't create
executables)  I was curious if this was a known issue or not.  It's the
first time using the hint, so I probably shouldn't be deviating from it
anyways.  :-) Also first time using HJ's binutils.  I do not like the
configure method at all...just kinda figured what the heck...lets try
it.  I'm going back to the stable binutils for now.

SuperRescue 2.1 is host...gcc-2.96 (ick), glibc-2.2.3,binutils 2.11
Probably something stupid, but to bed..I'm too tired to worry about it

Thanks for the works,


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