install-no-fixedincludes again..

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Wed Feb 26 03:34:56 PST 2003


The last time this came up was here:-

Whilst working on the pure_lfs hint, Ryan and myself have come to the
conclusion that the current "install-no-fixedincludes" Makefile target just
doesn't cut the mustard..

Using the patch is cleaner and results in a quicker build and doesn't fall
over if using "--enable-version-specific-runtime-libs":-

 - speeds up the build due to no searching of headers to fix
 - speeds up the build as doesn't get relinked at install time
 - misleading README doesn't get installed
 - no silly zero byte "fixed" file left over

The target really does seem like a legacy item left over from yesteryear
that nobody else in the world uses. And the comments in the following thread
seem to confirm it:-

We are moving back to the patch for the hint and I encourage LFS to do same
(at least whilst using 3.2.x) until the situation is re-evaluated once gcc
3.[3,4] get released.

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