Pure LFS - configuring for target

Oliver Ackermann olivera at b-belec.com
Fri Feb 28 12:33:22 PST 2003

I have had no luck w/the --target switch so far (I'm compiling on a PIII under
Knoppix, but targeting a Pentium). When I use the --host switch though,
the compile/link/whatever seems to work. Please note that I do not have a running system yet (hopefully will have one by the end of the weekend.) It probably does
not help that I am nearly clueless to what I am doing...

Oliver Ackermann
B+B Electric Co., Inc.
oliver at b-belec.com

>>> agt10 at columbia.edu 02/28/03 12:59PM >>>
On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Grant Murray wrote:

> I noticed in the build instructions for binutils that the target is not
> explicitly defined (e.g. *./configure --target=i686-lfs-linux-gnu). This
> means, I believe, that it is determined by config.guess by looking at
> the host. Don't you think pedantic host independence would require that
> the target be explicitly defined?
> When in the build process do we get a default target that is independent
> of the old host?
> This all may be moot if binutils or other packages don't do anything
> different based on the target.
> Retaining anally,
> Grant.

Whoops!!!  Not only did i top-post, I cut out all of the stuff in my email
that actually responded to Grant's email!!  <cowers in shame>

I think that in order to obtain true pedantic host independence, we need
to build gcc as a cross-compiler.  That would entail building binutils for
the host, building glibc against linux kernel headers, and building gcc
against the new glibc headers before we could start building linux

that would mean that, in pure-lfs terms, the first build of each piece of
the toolchain would require ./configure --target, but once we've built a
cross-compiler and hacked the linker scripts the target will happen on
it's own.

I've probably crossed the line between anal-retentive and insane, right?

Adam Trilling
agt10 at columbia.edu
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