Pure LFS - configuring for target

Oliver Ackermann olivera at b-belec.com
Fri Feb 28 12:37:20 PST 2003


--target=i586-pc-linux-gnu does not seem to work, but --host=i586-pc-linux-gnu
seems to work.

>>> olivera at b-belec.com 02/28/03 03:33PM >>>

I have had no luck w/the --target switch so far (I'm compiling on a PIII under
Knoppix, but targeting a Pentium). When I use the --host switch though,
the compile/link/whatever seems to work. Please note that I do not have a running system yet (hopefully will have one by the end of the weekend.) It probably does
not help that I am nearly clueless to what I am doing...

Oliver Ackermann
B+B Electric Co., Inc.
oliver at b-belec.com
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