xml (docbook or lfs) to tex

Larry Lawrence larry at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Feb 28 13:21:37 PST 2003

Just to report some progress on this.  I have been able to use the profile
xslt stylesheet to divide the current xml into "book" and "web" using the
role attribute.  The "web".xml can then be processed through DSSSL to
publish on the web.  The "book".xml is then translated through
db2latex/docbook.xsl via lfs.xsl (which uses the lfs-book.tex file for
format, then calls docbook.xsl) to create an editable "tex" file.

To do:
<ulink> to /href  doesn't work properly.  Most ulinks are web specific, but
there are some that are not.

To utilize db2latex to recreate the current "tex" formatting may require
some docbook tags to change. (i.e. Gerard is using Tables for disk usage and
SBU's in TeX, db2latex would want the xml to be a table since "screen"
translates to /begin{verbatim}. Using table in xml should not radically
change the web presentation.

To utilize lfs xml, an xslt stylesheet needs to be created using db2latex as
a model, but only defining the translations that are actually needed. A xslt
stylesheet will also need to be created for "html".

Editors: In the conventions.tex file, the URL line is missing from before
the last paragraph. should probably be something like:



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