Need to decide on an installation dependency acquire method

Richard Lightman richard at
Wed Jan 1 01:17:52 PST 2003

* Gerard Beekmans <gerard at> [2003-01-01 06:04]:
> I know of two methods we can use to get installation dependency lists.
> I don't like the inclusion of false deps in method #1 and I don't like the 
> time consuming method of option #2. I'm looking for that 3rd option. Would 
> anybody happen to know it?
I would go for a variation of the second method, but then I am aiming
for different results:

 1) I am not interested in which programs a package depends on.
 2) I do want to know which packages it depends on.
 3) The current lists only look for programs - libraries matter too.
 4) glibc depends on the static packages, so that is enough for glibc.
 5) Everything else depends on glibc, so there is no need for the
    static packages in the dependancy lists.
 6) Some things hard code the path to static programs. This introduces
    some dependancies that are hard to find.
 7) Some things compile without a package, but would compile better
    with it.


Fix problems with /static and PATH

Install static programs with DESTDIR=$LFS/static
Create a symlink forest in $LFS to the files in $LFS/static
Do not add static to the PATH when entering chroot
Enter chroot and start compiling
When all the static programs are done, check I got this right with:

find / \( -fstype devfs -o -fstype proc -o -ipath /home -o -ipath /mnt \)\
     -prune -o \( -printf '' , -ilname '/static/*' -printf '%p -> %l\n' \)

Then delete things:
find / \( -fstype devfs -o -fstype proc -o -ipath /home -o -ipath /mnt \)\
     -prune -o \( -printf '' , -ilname '/static/*' -print0 \)\
     | xargs -0 rm

Reduce the cost of test compiles

Install everything using DESTDIR. I have work arounds for the few
remaining LFS packages that have problems with DESTDIR (and the bulk of
BLFS). Each package gets its own directory. Once compiled, packages can
be added with 'cp -s ...', and removed with 'find ... | xargs -0 rm' as

This also gets you cheap lists of files in each package, and allows
running 'make install' as an ordinary user.

Reduce the number of combinations

Start the 'static' packages installed, then add packages one at a time
from the last version of the dependancy list until the result does not
suffer from problems that were detected last time.

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