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Wed Jan 1 04:04:43 PST 2003

On 31.12.02 16:55 -0700, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Hiya,
> I took the Glibc installation as an example and rewrote the page so it 
> somewhat looks like what I have in mind in regards to mixing installation 
> instructions and the explanation of them.
> I haven't comitted it to CVS yet, but a HTML version is here:
> What I'd like to see every page turned into is this:
> First a short description of what the package is. THat's not the current 
> package description, that's way too long. Just a brief intro outlining what 
> the package is used for in a broad sense. Then list the installation 
> dependencies. Followed by the installation instructions/explanations. The 
> full package description as is will be put in Appendix A as it appears 
> currently, but no longer on the package installation pages. In other words, a 
> brief description of the package will replace it.
> But for now I'd like you guys to look at the new install 
> instructions/explanations structure and give some feedback please.
> Thanks,
> And Happy New Year (to those who have crossed the threshold already..still 7 
> hours to go for me)
> -- 
> Gerard Beekmans
Hello, Gerard, LFS-Developers!

I just wanted to tell you my opinion (you can read it, threw it into the
wastepaper basket or else) about the new layout:

First, the idea of splitting the commands to put explanations between is
brilliant in the sense of aiding the beginner not to miss something - it
is more difficult to remember a thing you've read 2 paragraphs ago than
this way. On the other hand, the advanced user will have a lot more of
copy and paste to do this way. 

Though I really like that new layout, I'd appreciate some hint about
ALFS or the lfs-commands before you start Part II or at the beginning of
that part. In spite of the fact that the advanced user can gather these
informations on irc or the mailinglist, the book would be incomplete
without it IMO.

Keep up the good work - many many thanks and a happy new year!

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