Need to decide on an installation dependency acquire method

Chris Wesdorp chriswesdorp at
Wed Jan 1 06:26:34 PST 2003

>>I don't like the inclusion of false deps in method #1 and I don't like the 
>>time consuming method of option #2. I'm looking for that 3rd option. Would 
>>anybody happen to know it?
> I would go for a variation of the second method, but then I am aiming
> for different results:
>  1) I am not interested in which programs a package depends on.
>  2) I do want to know which packages it depends on.
>  3) The current lists only look for programs - libraries matter too.

I agree. Also, the current list has only compile dependencies, is it 
possible to make two lists, one with installation dependencies and one 
with runtime dependencies? The runtime deps are needed when the packages 
is compiled, but when a package is build for another machine, the latter 
should not always have the compile deps for running the package.

Chris Wesdorp

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